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The face is the most unique characteristic of a person that gives them identity. It is also the most complex anatomy in the human body. The face can convey emotion and affect other’s impression of your personality. The face should complement your personality and have balance. Facial features and facial cosmetic surgery shouldn’t be distractive.

Facial cosmetic surgery should strive to look natural rather than an “operated look”. This involves avoiding over- inflating, over-resecting and more of restoring what’s been lost with age, highlighting certain features or bringing balance to the face. Facial surgery is very personal. It is not surgery that will be covered up by clothes and because of this there is a tremendous amount of forethought that goes into decisions about approaches and hiding any incisions. I look to have a relationship of mutual respect, understanding and trust with patients. Having a clear understanding of realistic expectations can make surgery an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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